Careers Week- Drop Down Day

Today has seen our second Academy drop down day and it has been a real success!
Our Y7 students have been out at the EIS having a Sports taster day. They have taken part in a variety of activities ranging from Athletics, to problem solving to cheerleading! It is safe to say that they have enjoyed every minute and will sleep really well tonight!

In school, each year group have had a different focus, but as it is careers week, all year groups have had talk from HEPP and visited our careers fair, which has been our best yet! We have had a really wide range of providers and employers attend and our students have had plenty of opportunity to interact with all of them, helping the to make important decisions about their future.
Our Y8 students have been exploring their own online safety and financial literacy. They have spent time looking at how easy it is for people to find out very personal information about you online and more importantly, how to keep themselves safe from that happening to them.

Our Y9 students have had a crime and safety awareness day, led by Prison Me, No Way! They have had the opportunity to learn about county lines, knife crime and had the opportunity to hear the stories of real prisoners and how their choices have affected the rest of their lives; a really impactful day!

Our Y10 students have had a careers focus and have developed their own CVs and thought about how they will be ready for life after Wingfield, including their Work Experience that will happen in a few short months’ time.

Our Y11 students have focused on sexual harassment, sexual health and keeping themselves safe on a night out and in the afternoon have had some core subject preparation for their GCSE exams.

It has been a really enjoyable day that will provide our young people with memorable and most importantly, useful learning experiences. We are already looking forwards to the next one in the summer term.

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