Feedback & Marking

Feedback is the process of reducing the gap between what students currently know or can do and what they need to know or do to make further progress. However, students can only close this gap if they act on feedback they are given. Feedback is provided after all formal/informal assessments of learning either verbally or written, this feedback identifies gaps in knowledge and / or misconceptions. Following feedback, students’ will be provided with enough time to complete feedback actions. To avoid embedding misconceptions staff will provide regular opportunities for feedback throughout each half term. Each subject area will establish the most effective feedback strategy and the expectations for the delivery of this feedback. 

While there’s no doubt that marking and feedback are connected, they are not the same. Marking each student’s ½ termly assessments with strengths which are subject specific, target comments which identify gaps in learning and current working at grade will enable students to actively seek to improve their learning, developing their responsibility for improving their learning.

The Academy feedback and marking policy is set out below:

Mark 1 assessed piece per half term -using the STAR policy assessed – STAR assessed pieces are determined by the Curriculum lead

S-Strength-what students are doing well

*Subject specific – related to assessment / success criteria

 T-Target-what students need to do to make progress 

*what areas didn’t go well – key areas for improvement

 A-Attainment-current standpoint

 R-Response-student response

*Students acting on the feedback, improving their knowledge, understanding and skills

Provide feedback at least once per half term using one of the following methods: 

  • Feedback as actions
  • Feedback that moves forward
  • Whole class feedback
  • Spot the mistake
  • Selective marking 

Mark using purple pen

All student responses to marking / feedback will be completed using green pen

Throughout lessons (where appropriate) there is the expectation that all teachers will increase student responsibility to complete peer and self-assessment, to further enhance their knowledge and understanding of assessment criteria and / or assessment methods.

Literacy Policy

All teachers will (where appropriate):

  • Embed opportunities for students to develop their love of reading (subject specific)
  • Use the academy’s literacy policy to develop students reading and writing skills using the marking codes below
  • Use the academy numeracy policy to support the delivery of key mathematical skills using the marking codes below

Presentation Policy

All teachers will demonstrate excellence by driving high standards of presentation, in order to drive excellence students will be expected to:

o   Use a black pen for writing

o   Use a pencil for drawing and pencil crayons for colour (no felt pen)

o   Use a ruler to underline all dates and titles

All teacher will demonstrate excellence by driving high standards through the use of PROUD time to support student presentation – remind students of the expectations for presentation using the presentation codes:

o   P-not used a black pen

o   R-drawn lines without a ruler

o   O-not shown outstanding effort

o   U-missed underlining titles

o   D-Forgotten the date or title

All teachers will ensure students’:

  • Check, correct and improve their work using green pen
  • Write the full date and title for every piece of work
  • Folders are organised in an appropriate order to demonstrate excellence
  • ILT is completed to a high standard, demonstrating high quality independent learning – this will be evidenced through Google Classroom tracking systems

Progress Data

All student work books will have progress data updated at regular intervals to signpost current levels and progress to date-these will be updated in line with progress updates.

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