The Wingfield Pledge

What is The Wingfield Pledge?

At Wingfield, our curriculum is much more than just lessons.  It includes the ethos, attitudes and relationships that we intentionally cultivate to make Wingfield a ‘very special place’ to learn. 

We pride ourselves on giving our students the very best opportunities to develop not only academically, but as individuals who will leave Wingfield with the highest expectations of themselves and be fully prepared to take their place in society after Wingfield. 

Our Pledge is designed to give students the opportunity to develop their independence, resilience and understanding of the world around them. We have spent time developing our Pledge so it compliments our enrichment offer and is at the heart of our drive to develop students’ cultural capital by providing them with memorable learning experiences to help them succeed in the wider world. 

Our Pledge is split into 4 strands that each give students the opportunity to develop their character and understanding of themselves and others in different ways;

  1. Active Citizens
  2. Wingfield Values
  3. Life Beyond Wingfield
  4. Cultural Experiences

Why is The Pledge so important? 

Our pledges demand students to have the highest expectations of themselves and be highly self-motivated to ensure they take all of the opportunities on offer to them. The Pledge will give students a range of experiences outside of their everyday life and help to raise their personal aspirations and drive them onto achieving their full potential beyond their time at Wingfield.

Active Citizens 

The aim of this strand is to ensure that our students have an awareness of local, national and global issues and understand how to effect change in the world. We want to develop their confidence to do this and be proud of their impact, no matter how big or small. 

Wingfield Values

At Wingfield, we want all of our students to embody our values every day, we expect all of our students to be respectful, resilient and responsible every day. This strand of the Pledge allows students to embody these values alongside the Fundamental British Values and complete a range of opportunities to apply these in a range of contexts, complete personal reflections, empathetic comparisons to develop their understanding of the wider world. 

Life Beyond Wingfield

We want all of our students to be ready and prepared to take their place in society after they leave Wingfield. This strand aims to provide students with the opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities to ensure that they are fully prepared and able to succeed. 

Cultural Experiences

We are passionate that all of our students have a range of opportunities to experience culture beyond their own. This recognises the range of enrichment visits we provide and encourages students to reflect on these experiences as well as understanding how their culture is similar and different to those of others. 

Key Stage 3 Pledge

Key Stage 4 Pledge

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