Wingfield Academy chosen to be a national leader on behaviour

The senior team at Wingfield Academy have successfully applied to be one of the DfE’s behaviour hubs, a status which highlights their success in establishing Wingfield as one of country’s leading schools in developing a culture that nurtures exemplary behaviour amongst young people. 

Behaviour hub schools are used by the DfE to help other education providers improve their own behaviour culture, providing support, advice and modelling of how culture change can be effectively managed. 

Wingfield Headteacher, Phil Davis.

“This is great recognition not only of the senior team, but of the work the entire school community has done in making Wingfield a successful learning community,” said Phil Davis, Wingfield Academy’s headteacher. “Behaviour management is only effective when the systems are followed consistently by every member of staff every day, so this is an acknowledgement from the DfE that our school community is doing that well. Creating the right learning environment makes a massive difference to the chances of our young people achieving strong results, which in turn significantly improves their life chances after leaving school.”

“This is a significant achievement for our Trust,” added Richard Fletcher, CEO of the New Collaborative Learning Trust. “Wingfield Academy is currently our only secondary school, and we know that they do an exceptional job of working with young people from a wide range of circumstances. Being acknowledged by the DfE as a national leader on behaviour management illustrates how strong their systems and strategies are. Getting behaviour right, getting the school’s culture right, is an essential part of ensuring a school’s success. Phil and the senior team will be an invaluable help in supporting other schools to get that right, too.”

Wingfield Academy is one of only 10 new secondary school behaviour hubs announced this spring, all of which have an “exceptional behaviour culture”, according to the DfE. Following the announcement of the new behaviour hubs, schools minister Robin Walker said: “Helping schools to create calm, orderly, safe and supportive environments is key to levelling up education for children and young people.”

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