Message from the Executive Headteacher

I am proud to be the Executive Headteacher of Wingfield Academy and would like to welcome you to our school.

We pride ourselves on the unparalleled levels of care, guidance and support we provide for our young people and this alongside our positive relationships with students was recognised as an outstanding feature at our most recent Ofsted in 2022.

Having spent half my career at Wingfield Academy I have watched with excitement as it’s grown from strength to strength. My immovable belief that Wingfield Academy could be one of the best schools in Rotherham has been realised in recent years following five years of outstanding GCSE results. Student numbers in lower school have reached a record high and more families from outside of our catchment area are choosing Wingfield as their preferred secondary school.

We are now significantly over subscribed. This is testament to the hard work of my staff and the exemplary behaviour and attitude of our young people. I am also proud of the fact that we have just been recognised by the DFE as a national lead school for behaviour.

Wingfield Academy is a very special place. My staff are child-centred, progress-focused and everything we do allows our young people to grow and thrive. Our relentless pursuit of a child’s best is at the heart of every decision we make and we believe that going the extra mile is necessary in achieving that goal.

Our students are the hardest working children in Rotherham and our core values of respect, responsibility and resilience are characteristics we nurture from Year 7. The high expectations for student progress and conduct are integral to day to day life at Wingfield. We recognise the enormous contributions and support that you as parents can offer us and we will embrace the opportunity to work in true partnership to support your child’s learning.

Together we will aspire to provide a secure, safe and caring learning environment at the Academy and at home, where every child matters, achieves their potential and where no child is left behind.

I look forward to working with you and your child to ensure they can grow and thrive in a school that provides an exceptional educational experience.

Mr P Davis

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